Silver earrings with round moldavite vltavin on the clasp

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Short Description

Moldavite earrings
English lock
With stones
Dimensions: 0 mm × 5 mm × 5 mm

Jewelry: earrings
Direction: for women
stone color (vltavin): green
decoration type: clasp
stone type (vltavin): natural

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Full Description 

Silver earrings with a classic lacquered clasp with a natural vltavin 5 mm  size. To these earrings our online store also offers a pendant or a ring for a set.

Earrings with natural stones 5x5 mm. The jewelry will be a real find for those who are in search of earrings for everyday wear. This is a real exquisite classic, imbued with the spirit of the cosmic history of stone inserts and their mystical significance for people over the centuries. Small graceful earrings emphasize the beauty and sophistication of the girl and will focus on her tender age.

Earrings made of silver of the highest standard. Sterling alloy, unfortunately, is prone to darkening, but these earrings are deprived of this disadvantage due to the coating: galvanic rhodium is less susceptible to weathering, does not change color when in contact with skin, and   it is scratch resistant. In addition, the color of the coating is shine closer to the "white gold", so the jewelry itself can be completely bundled with gold jewelry. As a result, the product is more protected and universal.

 Inserts - small round cut vltavines. And, as the stone itself changed its name from Moldavit to Vltavine, so according to superstitions, it leads to changes in life. It is credited with magical, protective properties: from ancient times, people wore similar stones as amulets. It will be really good gift: the government of  Switzerland presented  to the Queen Elizabeth II tiara with a natural vltavines  in 1963. Giving someone such earrings, you can tell unusual stories of his origin: one of them, fantastic, is connected with the crash of an alien spacecraft over the territory of the Czech Republic. Another, more scientifically based, while also attributing to it a “heavenly” origin: 15 million years ago, a fragment of a comet collided with the Earth and, having melted in its atmosphere, scattered millions of small stones of bottle glass color on the ground. Further etching processes gave the stones a recognizable color and structure. Inside the stones there are small, barely noticeable air bubbles and grooves. Even with perfect polishing done by Czech craftsmen, the earrings give soft, opalescent, diffused light.

Decoration Features:

 Sterling Silver;
 Natural stone - vltavin;
 Low weight earrings;
 Herbal (green) color inserts.

Wear and care products

Earrings are applicable for everyday wear. They can be worn with a high hairstyle or loose hair (length and shape do not interfere). When putting on it is advisable not to apply additional efforts to the English castle of earrings - despite the fact that it is quite durable, strong loads can lead to deformation of the shape of earrings. To care, use soap with a slightly acidic pH or alcohol solution. Do not use aggressive household chemicals, chemical and mechanical adhesives for self-polishing products.

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