Silver ring with vltavin

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Moldavite rings

Jewelry: ring
Direction: for women
stone color (vltavin): green
stone type (vltavin): natural

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Silver ring with natural Vltavin diameter of 8 mm. The material is silver 925/1000.

People began to wear rings in honor of the ancient legend of Prometheus - it reminds them of the shackles with which he was chained to the rock for helping people and bringing fire to them. This small elegant ring will remind not only this legend, but also other events (both fabulous and scientifically based, from the history of our planet). The central object-insertion ring is a small stone with a diameter of 8 mm. It is credited with mystical properties - not only because of its appearance, which resembles a green fog, but also because of its origin. Hundreds of centuries ago, a fragment of a celestial body, a comet, crashed into Earth in what is now Europe and, burning in the atmosphere, scattered glass fragments of complex chemical composition.

As a rule, other semi-precious stones formed by fallen meteorites (the so-called tektites) have a dark, dirty shade. Vltavin is the only exception to this rule. It is clean, transparent, bewitchingly-marsh, with small bubbles of compressed gases inside, reminiscent of its origin. By the way, the crater from the fall of the cometary fragments - Nerdlinger-Rice. Vltavin deposits are found only near the Vltava River (the former Moldau) and its color is due to the mineralogy of this place, which is why Moldovites are called “true Czech” stone. The rich history of the Earth, intertwined with its legends - the whole essence of this simple ringlet.

Moreover, the master who cast it added mysticism and silver alloy lines (test 925), they gently intersect at the insertion point, resembling a sign of infinity. To increase wear resistance and visual appeal, the ring surface is covered with a rhodium alloy. Over time, it will not fade, will not require cleaning from blackening. Such a ring can be worn both with silver companions or jewelry, and with white gold jewelry.

Choosing this adornment to the image of a natural, gentle, soft, you will not regret it. A thin, discreet ring will draw attention to your beautiful, well-groomed hands and you will feel like a real mermaid in the center of attention! In addition, the latest nail trends dictate their requirements for the choice of jewelry and this year’s “green manicure” is no exception. Green lacquer or floral design will be the best combination with an unusual monochrome decoration.

Ring features:

 • Sterling silver 925 with rhodium plating;

 • Insert - natural vltavin;

 • The green color of the stone;

 • Ideal with “green” nail trends.

Selection and care of the ring

Please note that you can not change the size of the ring without damaging its outer coating, so the ring should be selected immediately in size. You can use a soap solution or alcohol wipe for care. Do not use alkaline household chemicals to handle the insert. Small roughness on the surface of the stone is a sign of its naturalness, you should not try to eliminate them with the use of improvised mechanical and chemical adhesives.


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