Swarovski Crystal Square Earrings

Code: CS-119

Short Description

Crystal Swarovski earrings
Stud earrings
With stones
Dimensions: 0 mm × 6 mm × 6 mm

Jewelry: earrings
Direction: for women
stone color (crystal): white
decoration type: screw
type of stone (crystal): Swarovski

16 eur.
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    ine Europe 4-6 EUR.
    USA, GR,SW 9 EUR
Full Description 

Silver earrings screws with Swarovski crystals in the form of a cube 6x6 mm. The color of the crystal is clear. Earrings have rhodium finish. The material of the earrings is silver 925/1000.

Stud earrings on silver screw fastener with Swarovski cubic stones.

Small earrings that can emphasize the elegant age of the girl and become a favorite everyday decoration. In addition to their aesthetic qualities (silver of the highest standard, the effect of "Northern Lights" in crystals), they are distinguished by the reliability and unusual shape of the crystals. For the ideal composition the fashionable Swarovski jewelry house developed their own shape of the cut, taking into account the chemical composition, crystallographic and optical properties of the material. Inserts are machined as perfect cubes. At the same time, the cut does not imply sharp angles, and their own patented method of fixing, which is close to krapanov, was used to set stones in the frame. Attachment pads are perfectly polished and firmly hold stones. The surface of the silver is subjected to additional laser grinding and is coated with a thin layer of rhodium by electroplating. As a result, the metal parts are lighter in comparison with the usual silver alloy, have hypoallergenic qualities and shine, close to the color of white gold.

In terms of artistic performance, the earrings refer to the geometric direction, while deviations from the classical style with its laconicism and proportions are not far. Clear, even cubes emphasize the girl's strict, even and calm character and will remain your fashionable motive for a long time.

You can wear earrings everyday. Fortunately, they will be combined with avant-garde and geometric decorations with Swarovski crystals, enamel. It is acceptable to wear not only with a silver chain, but also white gold jewelry.

Earrings made of silver with Swarovski crystals will be a budget option for wearing during outdoor activities or everyday affairs. They are light, do not interfere, they can be worn with any hairstyle. The simple shape of the earrings will fit into any bow - from business to casual - and leave the place for creating a good look using clothes and other decorations.

Product Care

Earrings are simple to wear, you can wear them even with one free hand. The screw fastening of the fasteners prevents the loss, and the rhodium coating protects the main part of the studs from blackening and abrasion. To clean, use alcohol or soap solution, wipe with a dry, soft cloth. Protect crystals from alkalis, including soda or alkaline soap.


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