Women silver earrings with natural garnet

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Short Description

Garnet earrings
Dangling Earring
English lock
With stones
Dimensions: 0 mm × 7 mm × 19 mm

jewelry earrings
Direction: for women
stone color (garnet): red
stone type (pomegranate): natural

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Full Description 

Silver earrings with natural garnet with a classic lacquered mount. The size of the grenade is 12x7 mm. Overall height 19 mm.

Garnet silver earrings with a total height of 19 mm. The product is made in the classical style, with natural Czech garnet, mined in the Turnov city and processed by the best jewelers, stonemasons. The size of the garnet is quite large for Czech deposits: 12x7 mm, and the game of fire on its faces leaves no doubt about its authenticity, which is confirmed by the corresponding proprietary marking (designation G on the base). Silver is covered with a thin layer of rhodium, which improves the product's wear and visual qualities.


Characteristics of earrings:

• Made of silver;

• Natural Czech garnet;

• Interesting stone cut;

• Classic appearance of the product.

The appeal of earrings

The sophistication and classicism of this jewelry unwittingly emphasize the charm of the owner, her charm, make her an incomprehensible and mysterious standard of feminine beauty and restrained passion. Connoisseurs will be delighted by the burning coals of the Czech garnet, the cut of which is somewhat unusual for semi-precious stones: as a rule, a drop (pear) is typical for diamonds, where they strive to preserve the weight of the stone. The selected elongated shape is due to the desire to preserve the natural beauty of the garnet seed and once again underline its true value.

The slight tilt of the head and the unintentional demonstration of the product from under the strands of hair will create a mysterious and unwilling intrigue for others in the image of a woman. Some playfulness of the pendant-stone does not exclude earrings from everyday jewelry, and their aristocracy makes it permissible in drawing up a business style, softening a hard business image.  You could wear earrings in the daytime, in the evening you could wear them in combination with diamonds (sapphire, emerald), at the same time, “neighborhood” with ruby, diamond or turquoise should be avoided. Perfectly combined with a white, black or green evening dress, which will be a good backdrop for a deep red stone. With care, you can choose a shade of red, dark brown outfits or clothes marsala shades, wine tones.

The locking part of the earrings is made in the form of lacquered fastening. French clasp makes them comfortable to wear.

Advantages of a fastener:

 • easy to wear;

 • do not pull earlobes;

 • simple and reliable lock.

Jewelry care

When worn, avoid mechanical damage. Cleaning the product should not include temperature effects. According to legends, when washing water with a stone, its magical properties are washed away - if you decide to support superstitions, you simply wipe it with an alcohol wipe, soap or alcohol solution, which is correct and scientific.


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