Women's silver earrings with garnets in the shape of anchor

Code: CS-2053

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Garnet earrings
Dimensions: 0 mm × 16 mm × 22 mm

Women's silver earrings with garnets in the shape of anchor
Direction: for women
stone color (garnet): red
stone type (pomegranate): natural

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Earrings with natural garnets in the shape of anchor, jewelry 22 mm high, silver specks have a pure rhodium coating, which does not cause allergic reactions.

Silver earrings with garnet stones in the shape of anchor. The general rule for the day time wear is to be either jewelery or lowly semiprecious stones.  Small garnet stones do not go out of fashion and their dense scattering on these earrings will make them a favorite original product for everyday use or a cocktail party. Each of the earrings is decorated with garnets, arranged according to the jeweler technique of a grainy stone setting used in Czech art-industrial workshops.
Bohemian garnet is juicy red, which gives a play of shades - from fiery red to black-violet - depending on the angle of light  reflection, leaves no doubt about its authenticity. The product uses natural pyrope deposits of Turnov. The size of stones is 2 -3 mm, all stones are round-cut with large central pads on the crown of the item. Both the front and the reverse side of the stones are perfectly polished, all the stones fit tightly in the jewelry mount. The clasp, base and welt are cast in 925 silver and coated with rhodium finish. The symbolism of such a product, chosen as a gift, remains unchanged: love, passion, secret fire in the soul of a woman. The stone is also considered a symbol of happiness, it refines the heart, gives vitality and brings good luck in love.
A huge amount of gems in these earrings it just guarantee! In the Czech Republic, garnets are presented to statesmen, so this couple can be a wonderful and unassuming gift to a business partner or a colleague.

Product Features:

stone pomegranates;

Sterling Silver;

Attractive design;

High-quality and simple fastener.

How to wear and care for the product

Do not wear earrings on the beach, in the pool or wear in the bathroom - despite the durable rhodium coating, temperature effects can adversely affect them. In addition, according to beliefs, water washes away the magical properties of the stone. Use an alcohol solution and a soft cloth for care, avoiding aggressive mechanical impact on the surface of the stones. Periodically inspect the product, checking the status of the "paws" of the mount - in case of problems, contact the jewelry workshop to correct the problem.






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