Women's silver earrings with pearls

Code: SP60E

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Zirconia earrings
Pearl earrings
Stud earrings
With stones
Dimensions: 10 mm × 8 mm × 0 mm


Women's silver earrings with pearls

Code: SP60E

Material: stříbro 925/1000, zirkony
Finish : rhodium 
Size: 10x8 mm
Weight: 3 g

23 eur.
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  • World-wide delivery 4-9 EUR.
  • Slovakia, Czech - 3-4 EUR,
    Europe 4-6 EUR.
    USA, GR,SW 9 EUR
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More than just earrings

What should be the perfect piece of jewelry? Obviously, it must have an excellent design, high quality and an acceptable cost. But these are all signs of good product. The perfect jewelry will not only pleased with its own design, but will also be able to attract attention, give self-confidence and fully harmonize with your inner world.

The most professional Czech jewelers worked on solving this problem. And the result of their work was magnificent female silver earrings with pearls. The neat shape of the rim in the form of a drop is striking in its elegance. For greater durability, silver has a scratch resistant anti-scratch coating, and small zirconium stones add style.

Due to this jewelry will fit to any event. Low-key, but refined earrings will add harmony to your image, attract the attention of others and emphasize the presence of taste. And the original design makes it easy to stand out from the crowd and will suit both a gorgeous evening dress and casual clothes.

Great combination of jewelry stones

Zirconium is chosen as a frame decoration. This “first dawn stone” adds elegance to the product and at the same time takes care of your health. It has a beneficial effect on the pituitary gland and the thyroid gland, and its energy energizes the body and develops a sense of intuition.

Zirconium is perfectly combined with pearls, symbolizing the durability, purity and innocence of the inner world. Moreover, pearls help to restore the nervous system, has a beneficial effect on hearing and vision. In addition, its magical properties help to gain confidence, inner balance and harmony.

Several arguments in favor of elegant jewelry

These earrings are a real treasure for jewelry connoisseurs and people who understand what a sense of style is:

The optimal combination. A harmonious combination of silver, zirconium and pearls will make any outfit perfect: at a ball, in a restaurant or even at work, you will look simply irresistible;

A reasonable choice. The protective coating ensures no scratches on the earrings and their magnificent appearance for a long time;

Additional harmony. Zirconium and pearls not only look great, but also take care of your health, providing the body with energy, vigor and helping it to achieve inner balance;

Fast delivery. Just a few days after placing the order, you will have the earrings, and the price of the product will be pleasantly pleasing.

Please yourself with a real treasure of jewelry.



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