Women's silver ring with a zircon

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Zirconia rings
Dimensions: 16 mm × 10 mm × 0 mm

Material: silver 925/1000, zirkon
Finish: rhodium
Width: 2 mm
Size: 16x10 mm
Weight: 3,2 g

28 eur.
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Elegance embodied in metal

Every woman loves style and originality in jewelry. But sometimes it is very difficult to find a jewelry that will emphasize the peculiarities of person, will catch the eyes of others and please you personally. However, there is a win-win option that is perfect for a light summer dress, as well as for an evening dress – ladies silver ring with zirconium.

The masterpiece of jewelry

The best Czech masters who worked on the design of the ring, created this masterpiece, embodying style, harmony and elegance at the same time. A thin silver frame with an elegant pattern keeps perfectly on your finger, and its low weight (only 3.2 grams) allows you to wear it all day and not feel tired.

The original design is able to emphasize the individuality of the person and sense of style. The thin frame emphasizes the sensuality and tenderness of character, and the decoration of a zirconium stone not only looks great, but also takes care of your health.

Some secrets of zirconium

Zirconium or the so-called “stone of the morning dawn” (due to its golden yellow color) is valued for its beauty and beneficial effects on the thyroid gland, pituitary gland and stimulation of the liver. This stone energizes the body and helps achieve the emotional balance.

Moreover, the magical and energetic properties of zirconium have been known for centuries. It is believed that zirconium allows a person to develop confidence, intuition and gives him real optimism. It turns out that a silver ring with zirconium will delight you and others not only with its elegant look, but also help you achieve inner harmony and balance.

Some more advantages

A delightful jewelry of the Czech masters has many advantages:

- elegant design. The stylish combination of shapes and colors never goes out of fashion, and the ring is perfectly combined with both evening gowns and casual wear;

- durability. The rhodium-plated silver coating gives the product a dazzling shine and protection against accidental mechanical damage;

- zirconium is good for the body. This “stone of the morning dawn” gives the owner optimism and helps to achieve inner harmony;

- affordable cost and prompt delivery. You can become a happy owner of an elegant jewelry in a few days, if you place an order today.

Women's silver ring with zirconium will be a great gift for true connoisseurs of beauty and will emphasize their sense of style and desire for individuality.

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