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Silver Swarovski crystal earrings

Swarovski crystals earrings are made of silver of the highest standard (925) and covered with a thin layer of rhodium.

A wide selection of marvelous earring styles including studs, drop earrings, hoop earrings in a variety of dazzling colors.

Swarovski crystals will not lose their brilliance and 3D effects over the years. When cleaning, avoid contact with aggressive solvents or household chemicals. It is enough to rinse with running water and wipe with a velvety cloth.

Earrings in a unique design with Swarovski crystals are suitable for women and girls who want to emphasize youth and beauty

Swarovski crystals earrings - a small diamond in your ears

Daniel Swarovski is a world-famous entrepreneur who has achieved incredible success thanks to his amazing jewelry. But few people know that he was also an amateur violinist who failed to build a professional career. However, he managed to perfectly realize his creative potential in another field and create a real "symphony of light embodied in a crystal."

Daniel started a business at the end of the 19th century and quickly became popular among admirers of quality jewelry. His brand produced unique Swarovski crystals, enchanting with a wonderful play of light and shadow. The secret was the non-standard cut of each stone. These are fourteen different-sized faces, due to which amazing refraction is created. It is proved that the luminous efficiency of such a crystal is 13% higher than that of a stone with 12 faces and 23% higher than that of a standard cut mineral.

But this trick can be seen and solved, but the unique composition of the Swarovski crystal is still unknown. For the most part, this is pure Czech rock crystal, but with the addition of special impurities. Experts believe that the mineral contains about 80 ingredients that provide such purity and beauty. Moreover, this recipe is being improved and supplemented. For example, in the 21st century, lead oxide was removed from the composition, which allowed the crystal to be environmentally friendly and harmless, but without loss of quality and appearance.

But the most important property of Swarovski crystals is their amazing beauty and magnificent play of light. It is believed that observing these minerals can calm the nerves, promote positive thoughts, and also improve attention, memory and develop creative abilities.

Another advantage of Swarovski crystals is their versatility. Esotericists, astrologers and other experts agree that the mineral has no contraindications for any sign of the zodiac and does not carry negative energy. Therefore, next to you is now not only beautiful, elegant and high-quality earrings, but also a charming assistant who can attract the attention of others. Choose a delightful and elegant earrings with Swarovski crystals and create the perfect look that will delight others.

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You should not ponder where to get silver jewelry with Swarovski crystals, because we offer the best conditions:

• Perfect sense of taste. Refined decoration is perfect for any outfit and event, allowing you to create a harmonious image, emphasize all the details of your nature and feel the excitement of others;

• No waiting. It will take only a couple of days to wait - it’s just what an operational delivery service will need to process an order and bring the jewelry to your address;

 • Pleasure for many years. Be sure that even after many years this earrings will look amazing. Its magical shine will keep rhodium plating protecting against scratches, darkening or mechanical damage.