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Natural freshwater pearl necklace

The classic style of the necklace allows you to create a variety of looks. It is absolutely suitable for everyday wear and will look great at the evening dinner.

Pearl necklace can be worn with other accessories made of pearls or another gemstones.

The finest work and precious metal – 925 sterling silver look great, and thanks to the thin rhodium-plated coating that protects from scratches and mechanical damage, even after many years they will look great.

From ancient times people  believed that pearls symbolize wealth and happiness, therefore it is able to bring the owner a real success in life. It also symbolizes purity and integrity, helping to avoid troubles, thieves and crooks on the path of life.

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Today, pearl necklaces are nothing but one of the most popular jewelry in the modern market, so it’s worth taking its selection seriously. Beads themselves are  very independent and versatile product - they can be selected literally for any style of clothing and almost any life event, whether it is a night party in a modern club or a closed event with a strict dress code.

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