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Silver pendants with topazes Sky Blue and Swiss Blue

Elegant jewelry pendants created by real Czech jewelers. They perfectly combine the luster of silver noble metal and the gentle glow of sky blue topaz. Thanks to the beautiful design and excellent quality, this jewelry can complement any image, making it charming. All jewelry will delight you with its beauty and brilliance for a long time, thanks to the rhodium-plated coating - the metal is coated with a special protective layer that protects against scratches and mechanical damage.

In addition, silver also protects the owner. It is known that this noble metal is an excellent amulet from evil thoughts, envious people, bad dreams. But most importantly, metal ions have a beneficial effect on the body, contributing to the proper functioning of internal organs and the effective removal of toxins.

Topaz perfectly complements silver, because this mineral has strong healing properties. It is believed that it can protect against viral diseases, strengthen immunity, help with poisoning or ulcers, and also contribute to the rapid healing of wounds.

The healing properties of blue topaz

It is believed that the stone calms the nervous system, helps to get out of the depressive state and reduces the intensity of the headache. Women who wear blue topaz jewelry age slowly, while men gain wisdom.

Topaz is a stone of prudence, friendship, spiritual purity and joy. It instills hope and optimism in a person, is able to relieve depression and bad thoughts. Topaz sharpens intuition, gives the gift of foresight. It helps its owner to win over others.

What zodiac sign is topaz suitable for? This beautiful stone can be worn for almost all signs, but especially astrologers recommend topazes to archers and scorpions born in November. It makes women of these signs irresistible, and gives men reason and wisdom.

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Our store offers a wide range of silver jewelry with natural and artificial stones, including topazes. All jewelry has a protective layer, thanks to it the jewelry will look like new for a very long time.

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