Korálek strieborný na náramok s granátom
Kód: CS-P1371

Korálek strieborný na náramok s granátom

Kód: CS-P1371

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Prívesky z granátu
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Rozměry: 0 mm × 5 mm × 0 mm
19 EUR
17 EUR
  • dodanie do 1-3 pracovných dní
  • Doručenie na Slovensko a v Českej republike 2 Euro predplatené a 3 Euro na dobierku Celosvetovo 4-9 Euro
Silver round charm with garnet on a chain, bracelet - pic 1Silver round charm with garnet on a chain, bracelet - pic 2Silver round charm with garnet on a chain, bracelet - pic 3Silver round charm with garnet on a chain, bracelet - pic 4Silver round charm with garnet on a chain, bracelet - pic 5
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Silver charms - every day a new story created by your own hands

Silver charms are a fashion trend in the world of jewelry. These laconic and original products are gaining great popularity among young girls and adult women. Charms are chosen by modern, self-confident personalities who want to make their image unique and stand out from the crowd. Charm beads are prized for their good combination of functionality and style. The jewelry makes it possible to emphasize a unique individuality and a wide scope for creativity, because the charm can be worn on the ankle, on the arm or on a chain and combined with other accessories. It will be appreciated by talented individuals who like to create beauty with their own hands.

From antiquity to modern trends

Charms were worn in Ancient Egypt, India and Babylon. The decoration was worn on the ankle by noble women. It was believed that the product protects the owner from evil spirits. In Europe, charms began to be sold in the 19th century. A husband and wife from Denmark were selling handmade charms in a small shop. In search of inspiration, they went to Thailand, from where they brought the idea of ​​creating universal jewelry. Charms were worn in the 80s of the last century, the decoration indicated that a person belonged to the informal hippie movement. Today you can buy a pendant for every taste and create hundreds of combinations of different styles.

How to wear a Silver Charm with garnet

The gemstone garnet is chosen by strong and self-confident individuals. The garnet charm will appeal to the passionate nature who loves to be the center of attention. The accessory can be worn by girls and women of any age. The only limitation is that the older a woman is, the more laconic her jewelry should be. The charm can be worn on a chain, an arm bracelet or an ankle. The product is suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions. The charm is best worn on a silver chain and combined with jewelry made of cubic zirconia or amethyst.

Shipping and payment

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