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Children's pendants - zirconia pendants, Swarovski pendants, sterling silver pendants.

Our cute pendants are perfect gifts for a child. The girl can wear it as the only jewelry or combine with others - the pendant will look very nice in any case.

Let the child feel like a princess with our jewelry! All jewelry is made of natural precious metals, so they are hypoallergenic.

Pendant is a versatile jewelry for which you can come up with dozens of combinations. Here are some inspiration ideas:

  • Minimalistic. Wear a silver pendant with a thin chain daily to teach your child to combine jewelry and choose clothes. You can add a pair of rings or a thin bracelet.

  • School. jewelry is perfect for school everyday - it is not boring, but not too vulgar.

  • Festive. Heavy evening jewelry for children will not work. Choose neat pendants for festive dresses, add a couple of jewelry and shine at the party!

Show your child the beauty from childhood with elegant baby pendants

Each of us wants to make our children better than we are. Therefore, it is necessary to instill a sense of beauty from childhood. For example, to show a lovely daughter what a real lady should look like, you can use elegant silver pendants. Thanks to our store, you can purchase high-quality and inexpensive goods that are right for you.
In our store you can find products made by professional Czech masters that you and your child will like. Products are available for the youngest ladies in the shape of a mushroom or a turtle, as well as pendants for young ladies in the shape of a dolphin or fairy.

Each pendant made of sterling silver. This unique moon metal looks great in combination with any dress or outfit, and is also great for any zodiac sign. Moreover, silver has a lot of positive properties in terms of esotericism. For example, metal is able to protect a child from evil eye, slander and bad thoughts. Also, silver has a beneficial effect on the body, helping to eliminate toxins.
As an additional decoration, several options are available. You can choose:

  1. Elegant children's pendant with Swarovski crystals. Exquisite crystals are known worldwide for their incredible purity and excellent light output. This is possible thanks to the original cut (each stone has 14 different wide faces), which allows you to achieve an amazing play of light. But no one (except the manufacturer) still knows the exact recipe for Swarovski crystals. Therefore, you can give your child a little secret and a masterpiece of jewelry.
  2. Or choose a charming baby zircon pendant. The powerful energy of this stone allows you to protect the owner from fraudsters, promote a quiet sleep and provide a reliable energy barrier. Moreover, it is believed that zircon has a positive effect on the pituitary gland, stimulates the liver and internal organs, improving overall well-being. Astrologers say that this stone is best suited to Aries, Taurus  and Capricorn.

A gift for your child’s health, inner world and character is waiting for you. Choose the right baby pendant and enjoy the ecstatic smile of your little princess.


​Buy children's pendants for the best price!

Choosing a children's pendants made of sterling silver in our online store Zlatka, you get a lot of advantages:

  •  Thanks to prompt delivery, the product will be delivered to you as soon as possible. Moreover, its price will make you pleasantly surprised;

  •  Magic, embodied in stone and metal. The elegant design of the silver frame will make others admire the decoration, and cubic zirconia has a beneficial effect on the body and energy of the owner;

  •  A practical choice. Rhodium coating protects against scratches and increases the life of the pendant.