Strieborný prsten na nohu s bielym kubickým zirkónom

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Prsten na nohu
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Strieborný prsten na nohu s bielym kubickým zirkónom

  • Doprava z dobirkou pre SK a CZ
    Doprava z dobirkou pre SK a CZ
  • Co mame skladem, u vas za 1 - 3 dni
    Co mame skladem, u vas za 1 - 3 dni

Ring on the leg - a mysterious jewelry from India

Leg jewelry was first worn in India. The groom put two rings on the fingers of his wife’s left foot, which meant that she was now a married woman. Often the rings were attached to a bracelet that was worn on the ankle. The woman never took them off, the rings claimed her status in society. This decoration came to Europe in the Middle Ages. Models put a ring on the second toe of the left foot when posing for the artists. Today, the foot ring is more a tribute to fashion than tradition. Such jewelry is preferred to wear extraordinary personalities who want to attract attention. Psychologists note that men consider such women more attractive and mysterious.

How to wear a ring

The most popular metal for such jewelry is silver. It is flexible, durable and will serve you faithfully for a long time. Our product is coated with rhodium, so it acquires a white shine and is protected from blackening. It is better to choose a split ring, so you can adjust its size and put on any finger. Rings with stones attract more attention and shine in the sun. White zirconium is combined with any outfit and will fit into any image. Wear no more than three jewelry on one leg, the ring can be placed at the base or slightly higher on the toe.

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