Prívesok strieborný s oválnym topazom Sky Blue

55,00 €
Veľkosť kameňa:
8x6 mm
Farba kameňa:
Sky blue
Kamenná forma:

Prívesok strieborný s oválnym topazom Sky Blue

Veľkosť prívesku: 21 mm * 7 mm

Veľkosť kameňa: 9 * 6 mm

Hmotnosť: 1,1 g

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Elegance, style, and beauty come together - a silver pendant with oval topaz Sky Blue

Chekhov said that “everything should be perfect in a person”. Due to this, we turn into a harmonious personality, able to see and appreciate the beauty of this world. Moreover, we become its beautiful piece, attracting the enthusiastic looks of others. Along with the chic silver pendant with Sky Blue oval topaz, this makes it a lot easier.

Elegant jewelry created by the hands of great Czech craftsmen. Noble silver tint and superb luster of sky blue topaz are perfectly combined here. Thanks to the beautiful design and excellent quality, this jewelry can perfectly complement any image, making it magnificent. But Czech masters did not forget about practicality - the metal is covered with a special protective layer that protects from scratches and mechanical damage.

Besides, silver also protects the owner. It has long been known that this noble metal is an excellent talisman against evil thoughts, envious people, spoilage, curses, evil eye, and libel. It is also believed that silver jewelry can give the owner the gift of foresight and wisdom. But most importantly, metal ions have a beneficial effect on the body, contributing to the proper functioning of internal organs and the effective removal of toxins.

Topaz perfectly complements silver, because this mineral has strong healing properties. It is believed that it can protect against viral diseases, strengthen immunity, help with poisoning or ulcers, and also contribute to the rapid healing of wounds.

From the point of view of esotericism, it is a strong mineral, which is a symbol of optimism and spiritual purity. From ancient times, it was considered the patron saint of sailors and travelers, able to relieve depression, cheer up and give hope. Besides, topaz can enhance the owner's intuition and help improve vision.

Interestingly, this stone is perfect for all signs of the zodiac. However, best of all, it is in harmony with Sagittarius and Scorpions. Such a symbiosis will help realize the internal potential, achieve financial independence, and women - become irresistible in the eyes of men.

Do it - there is only one step to the right decision. Elegant silver pendant with oval topaz Sky Blue is waiting for you in our store.


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