Sada strieborných šperkov s oválnym topazom Sky Blue

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Veľkosť kameňa:
6 mm × 8 m
Farba kameňa:
Sky blue
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    Doprava z dobirkou pre SK a CZ
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    Co mame skladem, u vas za 1 - 3 dni

Blue topaz - tenderness and purity of a heavenly stone

Blue topaz is one of the most popular and rare jewelry. The mother-of-pearl shine of the stone and its subtle celestial color captivated the hearts of many connoisseurs of jewelry. A gentle blue tint of stone framed by the cold sparkle of silver creates a sophisticated and graceful image. Earrings and pendant can be worn every day. This is a versatile and sophisticated accent for your daily look. A laconic jewelry set is an indicator of good taste and self-confidence. Combine jewelry with outfits of white, blue, beige or pink colors. Topaz perfectly suits dreamy, gentle and sophisticated natures, it well reflects their inner world.

Jewelry Care

  • Topaz is one of the strongest minerals. You cannot damage it, but it is sensitive to bright light. Long exposure to the sun may dull its blue color. Therefore, the stone must be stored in a dark place.
  • Silver is coated with rhodium, which protects it from darkening and staining. Rhodium is a hypoallergenic metal, it gives shine to silver and increases its wear resistance. To preserve the coating, do not brush the decoration with a brush, powder and toothpaste.
  • Dip the jewelry in warm water with shampoo or other soap. Leave the product for 5-10 minutes, then rinse in cold running water and rub it with a soft flannel cloth. Then put in a velvet bag.
  • Do not wear jewelry in the gym, pool, water park and sauna. Remove items before cleaning the house. Do not allow detergents or cleaning agents to get on it. It is better if you take off the kit on arrival home and put it on just before going out.

The power of heavenly stone

Topaz is a stone of purity, tenderness and joy. It inspires hope, gives optimism and charges with positive energy. The sailors believed in its protective properties. When they went swimming, they took jewelry with topaz. They believed that the stone would help calm the storm and bring them home unscathed. Ancient healers said that topaz helps childless couples have a baby. It was also believed that the stone improves the taste, so topazes decorated dishes and cutlery. Today, topaz is recommended to be worn by active people whose work is connected with business trips and communication with people. It brings good luck and helps to win over people.

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