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Sterling Silver cross pendants with cubic zirconia

 Silver cross pendants will lift your spirit and complement any style. Our amazingly designed cross pendants are beautiful symbols of hope and love. They are also a perfect way to express your individual faith with style. All Silver crosses are masterfully handcrafted of solid sterling silver with added artistic and hand-cut details and sparkle stones.

Not many people think, putting on a beautiful decorative cross, what an interesting and eventful story this symbol has. In antiquity, it denoted fire, the union of heavenly and earthly energies, the intersection of fate, served as a reference point in space. And now its intersecting lines cutting space, the starting point of intersection, like many centuries ago, remains mysterious.


Buy now Sterling silver cross - Worldwide delivery

Choosing a women's silver cross pendant with cubic zirconium in our store Zlatka, you get a lot of advantages:

• Thanks to prompt delivery, the product will be delivered to you as soon as possible. Moreover, its price will make you pleasantly surprised;

• Magic, embodied in stone and metal. The elegant design of the silver frame will make others admire the decoration, and zircon has a beneficial effect on the body and energy of the owner;

• A practical choice. Rhodium coating protects against scratches and increases the life of the pendant.

Create the perfect look by adding important and elegant details.