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Silver Swarovski Crystal Pendant

The best crystal feature, in their ability to refract and scatter light, are recognized as Swarovski crystal and Bohemian crystal.

Silver pendants with Swarovski crystals not only attract the eye and delight, but also accumulate positive energy in the room, with which harmony, comfort and good fortune come to the house.
The surface of 925 silver, from which the pendant ears are cast, covered with an additional protective coating of rhodium. It makes the pendant with clear crystals more smooth, free from flaws, chemically inert. The Swarovski pendant does not darken over time, the coating is less prone to mechanical scratches.

Touch real masterpieces of jewelry art - pendants with Swarovski crystals

In order to create an elegant piece of jewelry, you need to have a sense of beauty and understand what real art is. Of course, the rock crystal from which Swarovski crystals are made is not precious material, but this did not prevent the failed violinist Daniel from creating a real symphony of light. The master himself, starting a business a century ago, declared that there should be music in every crystal.

And it was a success, today Swarovski crystals are known all over the world thanks to a unique cut and recipe that has not been solved so far. These jewelry, pendants and pendants can create the perfect look and make a woman unique.

It is worth saying that this is not just rock crystal - the composition of crystals includes more than 80 ingredients and has not been solved so far. The secret recipe is passed down from generation to generation and is kept in the strictest confidence. Moreover, it is known that in the 21st century, the manufacturer managed to exclude unsafe lead oxide from the composition without losing the quality and beauty of the products.

As for the cut, everything is simpler here - each crystal has fourteen disproportionate faces (seven narrow and seven wide). Such work allows you to achieve a delightful effect and a unique play of light (light reflection is increased by 13% compared to standard 12-sided stones and by 23% compared to standard proportional cut).
It is believed that the play of light on Swarovski crystals can attract the attention of others and fascinate them. In addition, observing this “symphony in the mineral”, the owner begins to feel calm, anxiety and bad thoughts recede.

Another positive feature of Swarovski crystals, besides uniqueness and amazing beauty, is versatility. Because you can find jewelry of any size, color or shape, it all depends on your imagination and preferences. In addition, crystals do not have any contraindications according to the opinions of esotericists and astrologers - any zodiac sign can wear them.
Unique elegant pendants with Swarovski crystals are a real work of art and "music frozen in the mineral." This beautiful decoration can help you create the perfect look for any event.

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