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Silver phalanx rings from the Zlatka store

Phalanx rings are one of the most unusual accessories that can emphasize the unearthly beauty of female handles. Today, people believe that this is a new trend in fashion, but this kind of jewelry originates in ancient Egypt.
In the Renaissance, phalanx rings became fashionable again. The phalanx rings of the Renaissance were laconic and graceful, and only representatives of aristocratic estates wore them.

The fashion trend for phalanx rings has revived Nicolas Gaskier from the Balenciaga fashion house in Paris. He made a splash in 2013, introducing to the world to several beautiful rings that were crushing in their beauty on elegant ladies' handles. Other Fashion Houses immediately picked up a new trend: Chanel, Tiffany, Love Rocks and others.

Currently, there are only two varieties of phalanx rings:

• Maxi ring (long ring). These rings cover two phalanges or even the entire finger completely, leaving only small gaps of skin. Maxi rings are ideal for owners of long thin fingers. Most often they are worn on the middle, ring or index finger.

• Midi ring. These are usually miniature items worn on the tips of the fingers or on the second phalanx. Midi rings can be full-fledged jewelry or used as a complement to other, more noticeable and massive jewelry.

Buy sterling silver phalanx ring in the online store Zlatka

Silver phalanx rings are wonderful products that help create a stylish and modern look. The graceful ring on the phalanx of the finger looks stylish and fashionable, emphasizing the freedom of views and creativity of the woman.

In addition, if you buy a ring on the phalanx of a certain model, then it can perfectly emphasize the beauty of the hands and visually lengthen your fingers. If you have not worn such jewelry yet, we advise you to try and appreciate their attractiveness on a gentle female hand at least once.

Phalanx rings are a rather peculiar accessory, and they are not worn in a daily look. The most relevant styles for this type of ring are:

• Casual.
• Rock.
• Gothic.
• Grunge.

Another wearing option is with cocktail dresses. Thin cute rings emphasize the elegance of the curves of the body and the beauty of the dress itself.

Rings vary greatly in style of execution and belong to different collections, the created by the best jewelry masters of the Czech Republic worked on.
Fans of this type of jewelry should know that such phalanx rings do not fit very well with long nails. Discreet manicure and nails no longer than 3 millimeters are ideal. Only in this case the rings will be in harmony with your hands.
But, it should be remembered that phalanx rings should not be worn with a business outfit.

If you have additional questions, contact our managers who will provide all the necessary information and help you choose the best option for the phalanx ring for purchase in the online store.