Strieborné náušnice s okrúhlym granátem, pyrope 5 mm na šroubek

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5 mm
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Strieborné náušnice s okrúhlym granátem pyrope 5 mm na šroubek

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The big effect of the little jewelry is silver round clove earrings with garnet

The sense of style is the most important advantage that allows you to look great in any circumstances. Sometimes a small detail can ruin even the most luxurious outfit. However, there is also stylish jewelry that will make your look perfect. It is amazing when a small jewelry assistant is able to produce a powerful effect. Exactly this option is silver round clove earrings with garnet.

Czech professionals were able to create a small miracle - a silver frame goes well with natural pyrope. Moreover, this metal has a positive effect on the body and is a powerful amulet. From ancient times it was worn as a protection against the evil eye, slander, and evil spirits. Silver also contributes to the normal functioning of the body, stimulating the metabolism and removing toxins from the body. At the same time, its appearance and luster will remain for a long time - the metal has a strong protective coating.

The garnet has an amazing quality and excellent design. But the main thing is that stone is appreciated by esotericists for powerful energy. The mineral is "born" in the sign of Mars, therefore, it helps to reveal and realize internal energy, to become sexual and desirable in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Historically, women wore such jewelry to get rid of infertility, and men wore them on the battlefield because they believed that pyrope contributed to the speedy healing of wounds. This is true, the mineral has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels. It is proved that the risk of heart attack or stroke when wearing jewelry with pyrope is significantly reduced. In addition, garnet stimulates the work of internal organs, digestive and endocrine systems.

Astrologers recommend wearing jewelry to those zodiac signs that have a strong will or are born under the sign of fire. Pyrope will be an ideal companion for Leo and Sagittarius - so they can unleash their inner potential and achieve great success in life. For Scorpions and Maidens, this is also a good choice. Here garnet allows you to find new facets of sexuality, to become as attractive as possible in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Well, elegant silver earrings with cloves with pyrope can be your favorite jewelry, and our store will help you become its happy owner.