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Cubic zirconia silver jewelry set

Zircon is a stone born under the auspices of the planet Jupiter. It is also considered to be the “younger brother of a diamond”. This mineral is great for self-confident individuals, filling them with wisdom, developing intuition and mental abilities, as well as giving the gift of conviction and control of the masses.

The positive effect of stone on health is also proven. Zircon can normalize her appetite, help get rid of excess weight, smooth out wrinkles and solve many skin problems, giving the skin a second youth. 

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  • Quality and durability. There is a special finish of rhodium on jewelry. This material provides reliable protection from scratches and darkening - even after a long time, the decorations will look like new;

  • Inner strength The hidden energy of the stone will help to find harmony and emotional balance, as well as improve health or provide protection from bad influence.

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