Strieborný prsteň Kate s oválnym granátom a zirkónmi
Kód: CS-T1480

Strieborný prsteň Kate s oválnym granátom a zirkónmi

Kód: CS-T1480

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Granátové prsteň
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Rozměry: 0 mm × 7 mm × 5 mm
31 EUR
29 EUR
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Silver ring Kate with oval garnet and zircons - pic 1
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Sophisticated design and royal luxury

A ring with a natural Czech mineral - pyrope surrounded by transparent zircons will be a great gift for both a young girl and an adult woman. The garnet is a symbol of love, power and loyalty. The stone is given as a sign of friendship, high location and as a declaration of love. An active, temperamental and self-confident woman will like garnets. It will help her discover talents and cope with passions. And modest girls, on the contrary, will be uncomfortable in the society of the stone because of its powerful aura and energy. Pyrope is often chosen by creative people as inspiration and energy boost.

Legend of the origin of the garnet

Once the king decided to marry his only daughter - a beautiful princess. Many people wanted to marry her, so the father came up with an ordeal so that only the most worthy of all would get his child. The young men needed to get the fruits of the magic tree, which produced only three fruits a year. A tree grew in the middle of the desert and was guarded by evil spirits. Only one young man was able to withstand all the tests and got the fruits of a pomegranate. But when he returned home, he saw that the country was dying of hunger, and the king himself was ill. Then the young man broke the first pomegranate and at the same moment health returned to the ruler. He opened the second pomegranate - and lush gardens and meadows bloomed in the country, which saved the inhabitants of their native land from hunger. When the young man broke the third pomegranate, precious stones poured out, similar to pomegranate seeds. It scattered all over the world and since then they give happiness and love to everyone who finds them.

Caring for the silver garnet ring

  • Rhodium-plated silver should be protected from impact and deformation. Store the ring in a dry, dark place. Better to wrap it in a soft cloth and put it in a box.
  • Garnet does not tolerate high humidity and prolonged exposure to sunlight. When you get home, take off the ring and put it to rest in a cool, dark place.
  • Don't put the ring on the pool, on the beach, but in the gym and sauna.
  • Wash in warm water and soapy water. For stubborn dirt, use a special jewelry cleaning solution

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