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All Cubic Zirconia Earrings - studs, dangle, englishlock

Women`s silver earrings with zircons, made by Czech jewelers. Zirconia Earrings made of sterling silver with special rhodium coating, which protect jewelry from darkening and scratching.

The second name of zircon is the stone of the morning dawn, and it is highly valued by esoteric for its powerful magical abilities. It is believed that zircon symbolizes wisdom and is able to give its owner a strong intuition and insightful mind.

Zirconia studs, englishlock, dangle earrings at online store Zlatka- fast worldwide shipping

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  •         Elegance in the hands. Graceful forms, magic shine and elegant frames guarantee attention from others at any event. With this decoration, your look will be perfect;

  •         Reliability. Earrings will keep their amazing view for many years. And all thanks to a special coating of rhodium, which protects against scratches and mechanical damage;

  •        Internal delight. Even your body will say thank you, because zircon has a positive effect on many organs and improve mood;

  •        A couple of clicks. A few seconds, and the order is issued. And the operational delivery service guarantees that it will be at the client in just a few days.