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 Natural Freshwater pearl earrings

Pearls symbolize wisdom acquired through experience. They are believed to attract wealth and luck as well as offer protection. Known for their calming effect, earrings with pearls can balance  karma, strengthen relationships, and keep children safe. The pearls  symbolize the purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty of its wearer.

Pearl's jewelry is not only incredibly beautiful, but also good for your health! Pearls stabilize the nervous system and relax after an intense working day.

Earrings with pearls - feel the enthusiastic looks of others

There is a famous saying that there are no ugly women. Each girl is beautiful thanks to her charming appearance, rich inner world and other unique features. But elegant jewelry will help emphasize this beauty and protect it. For example, earrings with pearls have a delightful effect - they are in perfect harmony with almost any outfit, whether it be a luxurious evening dress or a light cocktail sundress. But the main thing is that pearls have interesting features, which makes it a unique decoration.

This mineral is the result of a long process and the perfect work of Mother Nature. For 92% it consists of natural chalk, 6% is conhiolin (a protein containing a large number of amino acids). Two percent is allocated to various vitamins (B, D), metals (zinc, magnesium) and trace elements. Due to this, pearls have a beneficial effect on the body. Even Queen Cleopatra, considered the most beautiful woman in Ancient Egypt, adored pearl jewelry. Moreover, she drank drinks with the addition of pearl dust, believing that this helps to improve her beauty and restore the elasticity of the skin.

Modern proponents of alternative medicine agree with this approach. Today it is believed that even wearing jewelry with pearls can help solve a number of health problems. For example:

  • Improve memory;
  • Stimulate the central nervous system;
  • Strengthen the psychophysical state;
  • Stimulate the work of the heart and improve the elasticity of blood vessels;
  • Help the work of the kidneys, liver and other internal organs;
  • Tidy up your blood pressure.

The pearl has no less strong effect in terms of esotericism. The mineral has strong magical properties and is capable of exerting positive effects on the host’s inner world. It is believed that pearls can endow the owner with calmness and wisdom, help in achieving wealth and spiritual balance. Moreover, the stone acts as an excellent amulet from libel, theft, deceit, betrayal, etc.

From the point of view of astrology, it is a unique mineral. Because pearls of various shades are suitable for all signs of the zodiac, without exception. There are only minor restrictions.

· Fishes, Crayfish, Aquarius, Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius fit pearl jewelry of any color;

· Aries, Gemini and Virgo are recommended to pay attention to light minerals (white, pearl, yellow);

· Scorpios, Capricorns and Lions are best in harmony with black or gray pearls.

Thanks to the right choice of jewelry, you will be able not only to create a beautiful image, but also to achieve inner harmony and improve health.

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