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Sterling silver stud earrings

Stud earrings are probably the most classic earring style available, everyone has a go-to pair of stud earrings. They usually consist of a small decorative piece held in front of your ear by a metal backing. Stud earrings are the perfect earrings for everyday wear, and depending on the size, can be beautiful when worn layered or individually as a statement.

A lot of different styles of stud earrings you can choose at our online store Zlatka. Screw back or push back, with or without stones. All jewelry are made of sterling silver with rhodium coating, which protect your jewelry from scratches and darkening.

The perfect look with elegant stud earrings for every mood

Earrings are an integral attribute of an ideal image, emphasizing your current mood and character traits. And a real woman every day is able to appear in a new guise, and make a lasting impression. And elegant earrings with carnations will help to make the image harmonious and magnificent.
Our store offers you several options for these little jewelry assistants, so you can choose the most attractive set for your current mood. However, they have a common feature - jewelry made of silver. This noble metal has strong magical properties and is able to protect against evil eye, libel and evil thoughts. In addition, it is great for all zodiac signs.
And then the choice is yours. You can give preference to the amazing natural pearls that the famous Cleopatra loved so much. It is believed that pearls have a beneficial effect on the health of the host, helping to restore the functioning of the central nervous system, liver, kidneys and other internal organs. In addition, pearls help to avoid unrequited love and preserve natural beauty.

Moldavit stud earrings are also available. This is a unique stone that has a cosmic origin and is mined in southern Bohemia (near the Moldau River). Moldavite is highly regarded by esotericists. It is believed that he has a close relationship with the forces of the Cosmos and is able to give the owner the gift of clairvoyance, endow with wisdom and the ability to make the right decisions even in the most difficult situations. Vltavin is an ideal stone for Virgo, Gemini, Aries, Capricorn and Taurus.
For those who prefer passion and charm, stud earrings with garnets are perfect. According to signs, this “fiery red” stone allows you to stimulate your internal energy and unlock your potential. Moreover, the mineral gives the owner courage and courage, and also protects against melancholy, normalizes the heart and circulatory system. This stone is best suited for those born under the sign of fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
The choice of what your image will be today is up to you. But one thing is 100% clear - thanks to the elegant decorations of our store, you can be in the spotlight and win the delight of others.

Sterling Silver Stud earrings - Worldwide delivery

At the Internet there are many stores offering jewelry. But Zlatka is always a good choice, because the company is always able to offer more.

  •              Great prices. The cost of jewelry is 10-15% lower than that of competitors;
  •              Excellent quality. Czech craftsmen created beautiful earrings that fascinate with the elegance of forms and excellent workmanship;
  •              Responsible work. We have an operational delivery service that organizes fast transportation to any country.