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Czech garnet pendants

The original design of the Natural Pyrope Pendants  is perfect for any look - a strict business attire, a romantic date, a fun party or a pleasant friendly meeting.
Bohemian garnet pendants are a product of Czech jewelers, which fascinated you with the quality of work, original design and unique precious red gemstones.

 Czech garnet has a second name - pyrope, and differs from ordinary stone in a rich dark red color. It  has a strong “fire” energy.
Natural Garnet -January birthstone has a beneficial effect on the body, the inner world and the cardiovascular system.

Pendants made of silver do not lose their relevance - such jewelry can emphasize the tenderness of the dimples between the collarbones, draw attention to the neckline. They will help to complement the image, make it romantic or conversely, seductive. Czech jewelers are constantly expanding the boundaries of their imagination and offer elegant and exquisite silver pendants with precious stones - Czech garnet. Silver perfectly shades the stone and creates a harmonious composition. The online store Zlatka presents pendants made of silver with natural stones and pearls, with Swarovski crystals and cubic zircon.

When choosing silver pendants, it is important to consider the style of the future owner and her appearance. For everyday wear, it is better to buy small silver pendants with small stones. Such products are both simple and sophisticated. Massive silver pendants with large stones or other bright decorative elements are suitable for special occasions - this is an excellent option for social events, parties, weddings and other holidays.
    Also an important factor is age. Young girls are better off choosing small silver pendants with thin neat lines - such jewelry will emphasize elegance, lightness and delicate beauty. Large pendants made of silver are an ideal choice for older women: products help to hide some flaws, attracting all the attention to yourself.
The silver pendant should correspond to the general style: classic pendants made of silver in a simple design are suitable for lovers of a business and romantic style; for girls who are not afraid to be in the spotlight, you can choose bright silver pendants. The main thing - do not be afraid to experiment! You can also choose ready-made jewelry sets, which include a pendant with a chain, earrings and a ring.

Want to buy silver Czech garnet pendants at the best price?

Looking for exquisite, original and affordable silver garnet pendants? Then welcome to the online jewelry store Zlatka! Quality silver pendants with garnet, pendants and chains are on sale. Thanks to the simple design of the site, photographs and a detailed description, you can buy a silver pendant here quickly and easily.

Sometimes it’s very difficult to choose the right store, but e-shop Zlatka offers the best conditions for faceted gemstones pendants:

• Style and reliability. The product is perfect for any occasion and will help create the perfect look. And the appearance will remain for many years due to the high quality of the product;

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Allow yourself to look perfect in any situation.