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Silver Czech garnet earrings

Faceted red gemstones earrings are made of sterling silver and coated with a galvanic coating: a hypoallergenic layer of rhodium, which ennobles the look of the product, adding shine  and protects it from blackening and micro-scratches.

Jewelry with garnet is always luxurious, sophisticated and tasteful. After all, this mineral is considered one of the most beautiful and famous in the world. It got its name because of its color, because the crystals that are found in nature are very similar to pomegranate grains.

Bohemian natural pyrope earrings with classic and elegant design are perfect for everyday wear, but also fits perfectly to special occasions.
 You will get a lot of compliments wearing this gorgeous Earrings.

Silver earrings with garnet are chosen when they seek to draw attention to the stone itself. Surrounded by such a neutral frame, a dark red garnet is able to sparkle with a special light. What is surprising is that silver, acting as a “standard” frame, does not lose at all and is not in the shade. These two materials seem to enrich each other: garnet makes the lunar metal even more noble, even more aristocratic - and silver emphasizes the luxury of a passionate stone, its power and strength.

Silver earrings with garnet look restrained, but at the same time aristocratic at the same time. This is the highest level of elegance.
Garnets look great with outfits of red, black or white. If you like miniature jewelry with small accents, and want to buy earrings with a garnet, necklace or ring, then you can even wear them with jeans. And products such as silver garnets studs are a great everyday option even for the office. The main thing is that you like jewelry and emphasize your dignity.

In order for your jewelry to not lose its beautiful appearance for a long time and please you, it is necessary to properly care for them, and also to store them correctly. You can wash silverware with pomegranate with a special tool for jewelry, or you can do it with ordinary soapy water or a soft sponge.

And you need to store such jewelry in a special box, or bag.

Want to buy silver Czech pyrope garnet earrings at a good price?

Our online store Zlatka is ready to guarantee a large set of advantages:

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  • · Beneficial effect. A positive effect on the body and the inner world. 

  • · Top quality. Delightful design and charming brilliance will remain for a long time. A special rhodium coating protects against scratches and browning;

  • ​ A PERFECT GIFT - Silver Czech Garnet Earrings make a wonderful gift and absolutely a great way to express your love to an elegant woman that adore silver jewelry with natural gemstones;